About Heathrow Travel Care

Day to day client work

Our purpose

Heathrow Travel Care was established in 1972. Our purpose is to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of any vulnerable person in crisis or distress at Heathrow Airport.

Current range of activities

Unique service

Our central airport location enables us to respond flexibly and creatively to the
needs of the airport community, whilst also delivering a high standard of service to both clients and referrers.

In UK society, a growing emphasis on effective risk management and business continuity, is combined with due regard for duty of care. This has highlighted the need for an independent focal point to identify and take action on human welfare issues at international ports. Heathrow Travel Care is a limited company and operates in the voluntary sector, also known as the independent or ‘not for profit’ sector of UK business.

Heathrow Travel Care is a UK registered charity and is managed by a board of trustees who give their time voluntarily.
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