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Some of the positive feedback Heathrow Travel Care have recently received:

The support I received from Travel Care is second to none. I’m extremely grateful to Travel Care.

“This is to acknowledge that one of your team members did an absolutely sterling job with me just a couple of weeks ago. I was stranded at Heathrow for a couple of days and he provided the calm and telephone support I so needed to unravel my situation at the time. The dust has settled now, I am back home, and ever so appreciative of that selfless helping hand.”

I just wanted to thank you for the assistance that you provided to our client. You were really outstanding, and she was very fortunate to have had you in her corner. You were able to provide her with a safe environment, and relieve some of her anxieties for which we are very grateful.

“Thank you very much for your assistance today regarding the offer of phone and printer…I mostly appreciated your calm, professional and very upbeat, compassionate, straightforward and practical service.”

I would like to thank you for our help while I was stranded in London…I did not get a chance to thank you before I left to go back home. Therefore I would sincerely like to thank you so much. You were a great help!

“Thank you, thank you… You are wonderful. Please know how grateful I am for your assistance. I seriously thank you with all my heart!”

Thank you both so much. To you it’s another day, maybe a small thing… to me; homeless, helpless, sad and alone, you changed my life today; by your effort for me. Thank you for helping me to get up on my feet and getting my JSA done. Thank you for persuading the shelter to help me. Thank you for all the kind words, extreme patience and encouragement. Thank you for choosing a job that changes lives and for helping me.

“I really appreciate the help, and how kind your staff were…I’m very glad that such an office exists for people in much more dire situations than the one I found myself in.”

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