Volunteer as an Emergency Responder

Following an informal ‘interview’ to establish potential suitability for this role, you may be offered basic training.

The training will help you to decide whether this role is right for you at this time. It will also allow the Heathrow Travel-Care trainer to see you in a group setting and get to know you a little better.

Ongoing support will be available.  Participation in this scheme can offer you a range of benefits including the satisfaction of being able to make a difference to people at a difficult time and contributing to the resilience of the local community.

As the work of a Emergency Responder at Heathrow can involve working in a restricted zone, rigorous security checks will be required of all participants, including a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. The application process will be explained to you.

Any application needs to be supported by your line manager, if you are in employment, so please ensure that you discuss your interest in the scheme with them. An emergency response may be required at any time, and if available, you may be deployed for up to 8 hours (and need recovery time the following day)

A Heathrow Travel-Care Emergency responder is
someone who

  • Is a mature and self-aware person, who can stay calm under pressure
  • Has experience of people undergoing stress/distress
  • Demonstrates willingness and ability to apply their experience and personal skills to this work
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the impact of crisis/loss
  • Demonstrates respect and understanding of diversity issues
  • Shows sensitivity to others and an ability to support others as part of a team
  • Is usually able to travel to Heathrow within a hour of being called
  • Is able to give the required time and commitment

If you or a colleague are interested in finding out more, please email James Davies.




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