Emergency Planner – Heathrow Travel Care

Application deadline: 9am Weds 11th April

A highly motivated, confident and well organised individual is required to take the lead in delivering the Emergency Planning function at Heathrow Travel Care.

Heathrow Travel Care is the only airport based social work team in the UK, a charity that assists those in immediate crisis or distress. The Emergency planner works alongside the social workers providing a different but vital service.

The emergency planner ensures the organisation can provide initial humanitarian assistance effectively to any accidents, major incidents or serious operational disruption at Heathrow Airport. Working closely with the Heathrow Airport Resilience Partnership they must establish themselves as a Subject Matter Expert in human aspects of aviation emergency management.

This unique airport based position requires frequent contact with key Heathrow partners including: Airlines, London Borough of Hillingdon, as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to ensure human aspects remain a high priority when planning for or responding to incidents, at or involving Heathrow. The successful applicant must be able to operate effectively when working alone, deal with ambiguity and work well under pressure. Additionally, the role requires an individual with a passion for learning about airport operations and show initiative and a strong motivation to continually improve Heathrow Travel Care’s preparedness for any eventuality.

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Any further questions should be directed to: Ben Middleton – Emergency Planning Manager E-mail:

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